"Luxury must be comfortable

otherwise it’s not luxury"


The beauty of the collections combined with the pleasure of wearing clothes that fit the body perfectly, is the common line that unites all the Pietro Brunelli collections: women’s wear, jeans and maternity.

Pietro Brunelli, Milan

A prêt-à-porter collection for the style-conscious chic woman, searching for quality and comfort. Dynamic and fascinating in all contexts: at work, at home, at big events, thanks to the clothes celebrating her femininity in a modern an sensual way. Among the dedicated clients, many women from show business and television who have made this young brand turn into a must-have!

Pietro Brunelli Jeans

An authentic denim revolution with the perfect mix between femininity, elegance and comfort. Super stretchy with vintage effects, slims up the silhouette assuring a sexy and comfy fitting.

Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal
Maternity Clothing

A prêt-à-porter maternity wear collection dedicated to the expecting stylish women. The allure of maternity is revealed through innovative stylistic choices and textiles capable of adapting to the changing body. A wide selection of maternity clothes for every moment; everything from underwear, jeans, shirts and tops to business wear, day dresses and elegant evening gowns.

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