April in the City, in the Mountains or at the Sea... in Maternity version!

In Town: discover the Must-have!
in a time like this where they now stay home is a daily mantra tip on the purchase of a few items but very qualitative. It privileges natural fabrics like cotton, linen or viscose. We look at what are the wardrobe items universally recognized women as must-have that do not undergo the fashions and the mat on multiple occasions as l ' jersey dress from the clean line, the white shirt in soft viscose, and the leggings trousers : enter these items in your wardrobe and mixali with the trend of the moment and the result is guaranteed. Always bet on clean lines and a few well-designed accessories: you will certainly the emblem of "class," especially now where the rule is "less is more"


In Mountain: what the weather will?
What shall I wear today? You are now playing for the mountain on one month! It ''s time to select the pigs useful for the temperature that's out, especially in the mountains where the weather often changes suddenly . "April scoprir not you," ... the saying goes .... and maybe you should think about to make the right choices because each growing season has indeed a precise dress code. go-ahead to a super casual style Leisure: jeans, comfortable pants in milan point, sweaters, cashmere sweaters or extra fine wool . And finally a spring jacket.


Ristorante Al Mare: Blue, White and Red ... long live the Marinière style!
Wherever you are, from Liguria to Sicily, or style fishing is beautiful and this tris azzeccatissimo Color is the evergreen the first sunny days.
this season excel navy blue, white and red in all its gradations of joy that will color your look. But even a light total-white will give you the confidence to be absolutely perfect.
Always bet on the quality of the fabrics you wear linen and cotton because you provide a fitting good give an edge to every outfits.
Do not forget to bring a little 'beach look in your days with timeless capri . The minidress will be fine as well as the jumpsuit short, the sleeveless and < strong> short sleeves.


"Last but not least" close with the most important rule: do not forget your personality. Only your personal way of interpreting fashion and trends will give you that little bit extra to be Special and innovative in any context! Especially now where the creative is your ally in time management.