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The Company

The Company

"Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it's not luxury" (Coco Chanel)

The beauty of the collections combined with the pleasure of wearing clothes that fit the body perfectly, is the common line that unites all the Pietro Brunelli collections: women's wear, maternity.

Pietro Brunelli Milano

A prêt-à-porter collection for the style-conscious chic woman, searching for quality and comfort. Dynamic and fascinating in all contexts: at work, at home, at big events, thanks to the clothes celebrating her femininity in a modern an sensual way. Among the dedicated clients, many women from show business and television who have made this young brand turn into a must-have!

Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal

The first ready to wear collection exclusively for expectant mothers to be welcomed into Milan Fashion Week. The Collection aims to value and celebrate the beauty and sensuality of women during pregnancy. Hence the claim "Maternity Appeal". The allure of maternity is revealed through innovative stylistic choices and textiles capable of adapting to the changing body. Designed and produced by BRUNELLI & CO, the leading company at the top end of the maternity sector, the range is distributed in boutiques and department stores in over 23 countries.


The success of Pietro Brunelli, knows no boundaries; China welcomes the famous Italian brand with shop openings in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing.


A significant moment of the company, that launches its first women's collection "Pietro Brunelli Milano", distributed in all Pietro Brunelli mono brand shops. The collection is a result of a continuous research for a 100% MADE IN ITALY tailored product.


The international growth of the brand continues with new franchising openings in Baku, Prague and Moscow.


Pietro Brunelli enters the most prestigious Department Stores like Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods in London, Isetan in Tokyo, accentuating the brands leadership in the maternity market


Dal piccolo al grande schermo! Martina Pinto che recita la parte della giovane mamma in attesa veste Pietro Brunelli nel film di Natale "La fidanzata di papà" di Massimo Boldi.


Pietro Brunelli disegna una nuova linea street-wear: VFM – Very fashion mother. Una collezione dedicata ad una mamma giovane, dinamica … e Very Fashion!


Apertura del primo franchising nel centro storico di Verona per replicare il successo delle boutiques monomarca Pietro Brunelli.

MARZO 2007

Pietro Brunelli viene eletto dalla rivista Collezioni Preat-à-porter brand dell'anno in Russia insieme a Chanel, Hermes e Dior.


After the success of his ready to wear collection, Pietro Brunelli launches a line of jeans dedicated to today's modern and dynamic mothers.

MARCH 2006

8th March, celebration of women and femininity day. Pietro Brunelli puts on a fashion show in Milan's San Vittore prison, to show that the femininity of women in maternity can be appreciated anywhere - even tough reality of a prison.


Pietro Brunelli introduces himself to the wider public with a fashion show through the streets of Milan's chic Brera district, with an impressive range of clothes from his Spring Summer Collection 2006.

MAY 2005

Pietro Brunelli dresses the Italian TV presenter Federica Panicucci during her pregnancy: this marks the beginning of an inspiring design relationship between Pietro Brunelli and celebrity mothers-to-be, including: Licia Colò, Samantha De Grenet, Frauke Ludowig, Petra Schweers, and the Russian Anastasia Volochkova - all of whom have made Pietro Brunelli a 'must-have' for every expectant mum.


Opening of the Flagship Store Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal in central Milan at Via Fiori Chiari 5. A meeting point for all mothers-to-be and a theatre for all sorts of other things, including courses in yoga and styling.


This is Pietro Brunelli's debut on the catwalk. His first collection, launched on 24th January at Milano Moda Donna, immediately enjoyed enormous interest on the part of the public, not just on Italian television, but in the press worldwide.