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Cutting-edge prêt-à-porter for expectant mothers

The "Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal" Collection is at the cutting-edge of prêt-à-porter exclusively dedicated to expectant mothers, designed to recognise the beauty and sensuality of women in pregnancy. This is "Maternity Appeal".

Pietro Brunelli and Milano Moda Donna

Since the launch of his first Collection in 2004, Milano Moda Donna, the week "par excellence" of Italian fashion, remains an unmissable date which Pietro Brunelli keeps with Collections which pay an exclusive tribute to motherhood.

A line for women in pregnancy: why?

The Collection is born to address a demand increasingly felt by women who do not want – and no longer need to – sacrifice their stylishness during pregnancy. Valuing a mother, celebrating her looks, her body and the beauty of a pregnant woman is the challenge to which "Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal" so elegantly rises..

Who does Pietro Brunelli dress?

Pietro Brunelli dresses a chic mother, aware of her looks even while she is pregnant. A mother who feels herself more than ever a woman: at work, on important evenings out, at home, with clothes that celebrate her motherhood in a modern and sensual way. Amongst many clients from showbusiness and television are Federica Panicucci, Licia Colò, Samantha De Grenet, Frauke Ludowig e Petra Schweers: women who have made the young label a "must have" for every woman expecting a baby.

Where is the "Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal" range to be found?

The collection is distributed in an extremely selective way throughout 23 countries without forgetting the great fashion capital cities of Paris, London and New York, as well as our flagship store in Milan's Brera district, in via Fiori Chiari 5.