Maternity Clothing Milan


Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal is Europe's brand leader at the medium to top end of pre-maman clothing. The company aims to repeat the enormous success it has had through its exclusive boutiques, by means of franchising.

Why open a franchise for Pietro Brunelli?

• The positioning of the label offers a competitive advantage in a fast-growing market. Pricing and accessibility guarantee a high turnover of product.

• With his Collections - Pret-à-porter, Jeans Collection, Underwear and Accessories - Pietro Brunelli offers pregnant women an ample choice of clothes, from jeans to evening dresses to accessories, allowing an affiliate to steadily grow the business.

• In a market where the clientele turns over from time to time, brand communication and sales outlets are fundamental. Pietro Brunelli is often seen in all the major fashion magazines, both trade and public, and in articles, editorials and advertisements.

• Continuous supply without budget obligations. The result is a better cash flow for the sales outlet and a high warehouse rotation which permits high retail business turnover with low stock levels and therefore a low risk of unsold goods.

• Each retail outlet is connected in real time to the headquarters so as to have access to data on sales, warehouses etc. etc. Stock can be shuffled between outlets so as to optimise stock management.

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