Maternity Clothing Milan

Everything you need to know about maternity jeans

When you found out your pregnancy, you immediately think about your future: a period of 9 months surrounded by pure magic and love. But there are also some deviations: no more hard activities and alcohol, then you have to forget about some food and, finally, leave one of our favourite clothes, like blue jeans.

Blue jeans is famous all over the world since 19th century as working clothes… But soon they became so fashion that today we can’t even think to live without it. Long, short, ripped, fringed, faded ... Their features are unique, so why should we give up such an important piece of our look during pregnancy? Here are some tips for future mums who don’t want to leave denim.

When to start wearing maternity jeans

In many cases, the waistline begins to change in the first weeks of pregnancy: even if belly is still invisible, the uterus is already starting to increase for giving space for our baby. So wearing trousers with buttons can be really uncomfortable. Before or after, but for sure between the 3rd and the 5th month, it will be necessary to change your beloved blue jeans with a pair of more comfortable maternity ones. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t be in high fashion anymore!

The maternity jeans by Pietro Brunelli are available in various models, which let you move feeling freedom and go on with any outfit. Thank only about some nice accessories: pair of usual sneakers or sandals (even with heels) for a night out with friends.

Maternity jeans: models for everyone

Maternity jeans are designed to be easy to wear: they have a soft jersey band that keep body changes and provide perfect fitting all 9 months. The function of this band is to wrap, keep growing belly and give you the best looks. The maternity jeans by Pietro Brunelli are perfect to wear throughout pregnancy, but they can also be worn later, because the models fit the body: you only need to choose the size you wore before becoming pregnant and enjoy these jeans for years!

You’ll fall in love with these fashionable models: skinny, bermudas, cropped, boyfriends with patches and decorations which make them even more trendy and feminine!

Welcome: come and try your maternity jeans in the Milan boutique in via Fiori Chiari, 5 and in all the world-famous Department Store.