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I’m pregnant, what now?

What do you do once the two pink lines, long awaited or at times unexpected, suddenly explain all the sensations of the past few days?

Thousands of questions fill your head: should I call my gynecologist straight away? Should I stop wearing the clothes I love? Stop exercising? Don’t worry, pregnancy is a wonderful moment in a woman’s life, rich with emotions and changes, that must be embraced with calm and happiness, without having to give up nearly anything.

We’ve prepared a little list of things to do straight away, as well as suggesting good habits to keep up during these intense nine months, including treating yourself to a few items from Pietro Brunelli’s new collection!

I’m pregnant, what now? What to do after the positive pregnancy test

Blood tests and folic acid

The home pregnancy test you took is positive, as is the second one you took ‘to be sure’. Tests from the pharmacy nowadays are very reliable if used correctly. Still doesn’t seem real? You can also do a blood test to check your HCG levels, the pregnancy hormone. Ask your doctor, who will also prescribe you folic acid, to start taking immediately.

The first visit to the gynecologist

Generally, it’s best to arrange to see your gynecologist between the 8th and 12th week of pregnancy. When you make the appointment, you should also ask what blood tests are done during the first trimester, so that you can have the results ready at your first visit. They will provide a useful starting point to establish how your pregnancy has started and how best to support it. On this occasion you will also have your first scan to identify the embryo and its heartbeat: a truly emotional moment for every future parent.

No more bad habits

Alcohol, smoking, small hours… it’s time to start seriously taking care of yourself and your body. Reducing bad habits and embracing a healthier lifestyle is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your little one. Keep a healthy diet, rest, take up a gentle form of exercise that you can continue throughout pregnancy such as yoga, pilates or swimming. Small changes are all that’s needed to enjoy a happy and stress-free pregnancy. Ask your gynecologist for advice: they will appease many of your fears and you will realize that you can carry on with most of your usual activities.

Treat yourself with the right maternity wear

Your body will change through the course of the pregnancy: learn to accentuate it and enjoy it to the full with a style that best suits you. With the right beauty treats and a maternity wardrobe that makes you feel goodyou will live your new shape with joy, peace and lots of glamour! In order not to lose your style and to stay chic and elegant throughout pregnancy you can trust Pietro Brunelli’s collections, the stylist who dedicates his creations to all expecting women. From maternity fashion jeans to wear every day alongside printed blouses or classic shirts, to the most chic dresses, like the Matilde model, light and sophisticated, or the Penelope midi dress, elegant and refined. Thanks to the new A/W 2018-19 collection you’ll never need to let go of your style, not even during the colder months, and you’ll feel your best throughout the course of your pregnancy.

Ready to start this wonderful journey? Come and discover Pietro Brunelli maternity wear in the boutique in Via Fiori Chiari 5, Milan. Remember that all our items are designed to fit a changing body, so as to suit you post-partum, too!