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Ivana Mrazova, testimonial pregnancy clothes - Pietro Brunelli Milano

Style, elegance and Made in Italy quality in the maternity clothing world, in one word Pietro Brunelli!

This year Pietro Brunelli chose, as testimonial for the launch of the new Autumn/Winter collection 2017/2018, Ivana Mrázová, the beautiful Czech model (a competitor in Big Brother VIP2 at this time), which embodies the beauty and elegance that every woman also searches for while expecting. In fact, our goal is to enhance femininity and sensuality for all women before, during and after they become mothers.

Dressing in an elegant and refined way during pregnancy is not always easy because you often feel awkward, uncomfortable with your body or not beautiful as usual ... and that's precisely why stylist Pietro Brunelli thought of a ready-to-wear line consisting of modern pieces suited to the harmonious shape of the female body changing through the delicate stages of pregnancy. Balanced and chic pieces flowing on the curves of any new mom, making her always feel beautiful and sensual at every stage of the pregnancy, and continuing to do so even afterwards. All the pieces in the collection are designed to be worn both before and after pregnancy, that is why many women continue to buy Pietro Brunelli's pieces even after giving birth. Seasonal trends and the highest Made in Italy quality are "must haves" even for many televisions and movie celebrities, and new moms. The clothes are completely made in Italy, and the collection is distributed all over the globe in the world's leading department stores. In Italy, we are located in Milan in our Brera boutique located in via Fiori Chiari 5, where you can see the autumn-winter 2017/2018 collection first-hand, feel the quality of our pieces, and try on the outfit that will make you feel sensual and feminine even during your wonderful maternity time.

The inspirational mood for the new collection is the "Enchanted Forest", also worn flawlessly by the beautiful Ivana Mrázová. This is a surreal scenario that comes to life with the garments made by Pietro Brunelli. The models wear velvety, soft pieces, enriched by embroidery with a modern flair, and embellished with ethereal details such as ruffles, ruching, pearls and bell sleeves.

The items in this new collection are perfect if you want to show your femininity by expressing your romantic and sweet side, without giving up elegance and comfort. The warmth of the soft cashmere or angora sweaters, embellished with lively details such as colorful pom-poms and sparkling sequins, help create a glamorous and chic look. On the other hand, for mothers with a more casual and modern style, we have designed some fun pieces, which allow for combining elegance and comfort, without sacrificing your personal sporty and fun style. The capsule collection "Mamy Glam Rock" features unusual garments, like fringed jeans that are perfectly matched to comfortable sweatshirts decorated with "street art" or stylized floral motifs.

Formal events, special evenings, baby showers and everyday life, there are many pieces offered in the Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/2018 letting you will always feel well-dressed for every occasion!