Maternity Clothing Milan

Journalist Giulia Mizzoni stunning in Pietro Brunelli long dress attending Fox tv party

Beautiful and elegant! The 29 year old Sky anchorwoman looked stunning during the Fox TV event in Milan, this past December 2nd.
Radiant and five months pregnant of her first child, the young sports journalist attended the Sky presentation party wearing a black long Murano dress. Beloved by all the Celebrietes, this Murano dress is absolutely the most elegant look from the Pietro Brunelli Maternity Appeal FW1516 Collection.

Very followed (especially by the masculine public), Giulia is the first Italian anchor woman who had the opportunity of commenting a Champions League’s match.
Expecting her fist baby boy next march, Giulia perfectly personifies the young mum-to-be looking and feeling feminine and elegant.

Especially for such a great occasion!