Maternity Clothing Milan

New trend maternity

The mood of the new FW 2014 Collection is based on two main themes:

- the atmosphere of the Underwood
- the geometric effects

Sparkling paillettes, handmade embroideries and fancy applications reproduce with a modern and innovative luxury camouflage the enchanted world of the woods and their small inhabitants: porcupine family, kissing rabbits, and squirrels.

Between the magic fantasy and the reality, the woodlands creatures take shape on the silk of the long evening dresses. The prints of small birds and flowers with owls enrich the colored jersey with the yellow lime bright tones and electric blue.

From the fancy to a geometric mood, the collection re-interprets the return of the silhouettes from the 70s: vivid and brilliant colours on technical fabrics. Creativity focuses on a strong and decisive look with a chromatic "palette" where the main colours are fuchsia, spicy orange and bijoux blu.

Protagonists are the "tunics" A shape with vivid colours: clothes where the tones are from fuchsia purple to orange, from underwater to electric blue or black with touches of fluo fuchsia.
The collection designed for the next winter is also addressed to a fashionable yummy mummy: maxi pull and mini dresses in wool are a must have, skinny leather pants in combination with over pull and poncho are embellished with precious details and with brilliant Swarovski applications.

Soft and woollen overall, pull with big collars following the body, poncho with fluid and asymmetric shapes wrapping you in a warm tenderness... fashionables details, expression of femininity.