Maternity Clothing Milan

Nursing clothing: how to dress without stress

The arrival of baby is wonderful and very delicate moment in the life of every woman. The first days give you the real joy but also pressure and insecurity. What should I do? If I am a good mother? If I am able to breastfeed my baby?

The importance of breastfeeding

Breast milk is perfect for newborn because it contains all the nutrients in the right proportions: proteins, minerals, lipids and antibodies ... That’s why, when it’s possible, it’s important to immediately start to breastfeed and continue until both mother and child can do it.

Nursing is not only about feeding, but also about giving affection, pampering, consolation and security. It is a sort of maintenance of the umbilical cord: eventually, the baby was connected with its mother for 9 months. Why does she want to get away from it now? So, be patient and nurse to secure and calm your baby.

Nursing clothing:must-have

Today, breastfeeding is no longer a taboo and women can do it almost everywhere, thanks to arrival of suitable and modern clothes for this process. If you choose the right outfit, you can nurse your baby at any time without hiding and wearing always the same shirt.

Pietro Brunelli knows mothers’ needs, that’s why he created a line of nursing clothes, designed to help women who want to breastfeed and without losing the style.

The basic item of clothing for every new mother is the nursing bra with comfortable fit. It’s made of natural fabric to protect the skin. The practical clip allows you to open and close the cup wherever you want, so you can easily breastfeed in any situation.

Among the other must-have items are breastfeeding sweatshirts who deserve special attention: the super-trendy prints hide comfortable opening zip inside. This zip is positioned exactly so nobody can see it except you and your baby.

Don’t forget about stylish nursing tops that are available in different colors and nursing dresses that can be an ideal choice to attend a special event together with your child. “La Maddalena” dress, for example, is well looking in red and blue version.

With only these few nice but strategic elements your wardrobe will be ready to face breastfeeding with a smile and with the style that Pietro Brunelli has designed for all mothers who want to be fashionable before, during and after pregnancy.

All you have to do now is to discover the whole collection of breastfeeding clothing in our flagship store in Milan, via Fiori Chiari 5, and in all the world-famous Department Stores.