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Pregnant at Christmas: how to do the holidays during your pregnancy

Christmas is very nearly here: the cold is getting colder, the holiday menus are being drawn up, and there’s still time for one last dash to the shops for a final spot of Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, your belly is growing fast, as is your joy, and exhaustion at the thought of all the things you’ve yet to do in the run-up to the celebrations. Expecting a child is a magical moment, but in the busier periods of the year, those that can be so intense and stressful, how can we reconcile being pregnant with the flurry of parties and commitments that arise?

Here is a little how-to guide to face Christmas in the best possible way, taking care of yourself with serenity as you await the greteast of all gifts.

How to announce a pregnancy at Christmas

Your pregnancy is confirmed and those first three incredulous and uncertain months are behind you: the moment to announce your big news has arrived! Why not seize the opportunity during this magical period to share your news with friends and family? You can replace Christmas cards with a copy of your scan, or gift-wrap dummies and bibs to surprise the grandparents, or decorate the dining table with place mats that reveal the sex of the baby. Another idea is to wear a top that states “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”during Christmas lunch. Free your imagination and surprise your loved ones with the greatest gift they’ll ever receive.

Christmas lunches and dinners: give up a little, enjoy a lot

Days spent around the table, in between endless courses of tasty dishes, sweet puddings and fizz: Christmas is the time for temptation and it can be difficult to help ourselves! Pregnancy forces us to have a certain self-control, but you don’t have to give up on great food and fantastic company.Anyone at risk of toxoplasmosis must continue to avoid cured or not well-done meats, as well as thoroughly washing fruit and vegetables (adding a little bicarbonate soda). Avoid raw eggs (often present in home-cooked mayonnaise and mousse), raw fish and desserts rich in refined sugars. These might seem like a big sacrifice, but in fact they’re not: you are free to feast on well-done meat, fish, pasta, vegetables, legumes…everything can be seasoned and cooked in the most elaborate fashion if you so please, the important thing is not to have huge portions, so as to avoid excessive weight-gain. But this is true of everyone: the key-word is always balance. Allow yourself a slice of cake … and fizz? It’s best to wait a while and limit yourself to a symbolic (and most appropriate) toast, without falling into temptation!

How to manage prep, gifts and parties while pregnant

Don’t be afraid to admit it: during pregnancy the body requires extra rest. But during the holiday season, everything seems more difficult: dealing with the crowds as you attempt gift-shopping, cooking for hours, attending all the drinks and dinners organized by friends and colleagues. If tiredness arises, here is the solution: learn the art of guilt-free delegation. Relatives, your partner and friends will be happy to cook for you, run some errands and treat you during this special moment in your life. And as for presents? There’s lots of solutions: buy them in advance when the shops are less crowded, order them online from the comfort of your sofa, make some handmade items as an outlet for your creativity that you can do from home. The trick? Allow yourself an afternoon nap before you head off to an evening commitment in order to arrive rested and fully enjoy the evening.

Christmas and New Year’s with Pietro Brunelli: the elegance of pregnancy

The nice thing about the holidays is not just eating good food in good company, but also treating and taking care of yourself, maybe with a sought-out outfit to celebrate all the good news that the new year brings with it. As is traditional, Christmas and New Year’s are great occasions to show off a more formal look with elegant details that show off your new shape. The maternity collection 2018-2019 by Pietro Brunelli is what you are looking for if you seek elegance and sophistication, or if you want to turn heads with a trendy detail. It’s also perfect for those who love classic style. What would be a better gift to hint for than a wardrobe that perfectly prepares you for every occasion in your next few amazing months? Pietro Brunelli clothing is the perfect Christmas gift, making happy whoever receives it.

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